This blog is about all aspects of motherhood, good, bad & ugly! With advice, rants, personal stories, product recommendations/reviews and more, 'Don't Judge Me' is a safe space for parents who are doing their best while trying to avoid the inevitable judgement from others. So take a look around, subscribe, share and let me know what you think!

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Hello! I'm Veronica and I'm just another obsessive mommy trying to live my best life, free of judgement (which is obviously impossible lol). I'm 26, a stay at home mom, partner, and a human being! Being human, I make mistakes, and trust me, I have made many in my time. But I do know the love I feel for my daughter is incomprehensible and amazing. Whether I am judged for breastfeeding or not, or self soothing vs. never letting the baby cry, or on and on... I know I am doing my best to care for my daughter the way I see best. So get to know me and come on this crazy journey of motherhood and life with me!

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